Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm seeing red in a good way around here. I got some of the last strawberries of the season at the farmers market today, which have been frozen for smoothies. I hope they have a couple more half flats next week so that I can fill up my freezer with these sweet things.

Perfectly ripe tomatoes came from my friend Ryan's garden, gotta love friends with over producing gardens! These were hastily made into salsa to feed the freezer.

I tend to live my life kick by kick and this summers kick? Preserving of course. I am hoping to make this into a habit, it's really seeming to be cost effective.


melissa said...

Of course I loved your blog this time--preserving is one of my all time favorite things to do :). But I have been preserving salsa by lacto-fermenting--when you freeze it in the jars, does it ever expand and break the jar? Just wondering, because that happened once when I tried to freeze cream in a glass container. I've put up quite a bit of fermented salsa, but my boys also eat a lot of it, so I'm hoping to really make a ton before summer is over!

BellaPepper said...

I think the reason that glass breaks in the freezer is because of the sudden temperature strain and expansion cause to much stress on the glass. So what I do is put the filled jar (with a half inch of head space) in the top shelf of the fridge for 24 hours before moving them to the freezer. I also loosen the bands significantly, just to be safe and then tighten them after 24 hours.