Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Cookies

Tonight was cookie decorating night in the Pepper home. We always use Indian Tree Natural food dye for our frosting's and the colors are just so cool. Not your traditional Christmas sugar cookies, but I like it that way.

L and I did the decorating and a bit of snacking....

P has a bit of a lingering cold so she just decorated he own and had a good ole time. Oh yah and check out her haircut! I took off 5 inches!!!!

I almost didn't make sugar cookies this year. This month has been a busy one and I don't like being obligated to bake, I like to follow the whim you know?. Alas, then I remembered that I had just bought a new $20 box of dyes and some all natural sprinkles and I knew I just had to break them out. Since decorating them is really the fun part I forgo ed the cookie cutters. Instead I just rolled the dough into balls and smashed them down on the cookie sheet, fun and time saving!

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