Monday, July 21, 2008

Snack Bags

So, this is something I was working on last week, some really nice snack bag. They have an elastic top and can be stretched for little hands to get in and some nice ties that can attach to belt loops, wrists, strollers, baby carriers, or car seats.. Here's P with hers, it has pink poodles on it.
This is me modeling L's, she was at a sleepover so therefore couldn't be my hand model.

This is L's laid out on the table. The inside and main part was made out unbleached cotton, so I had to throw some cuteness onto the ties and top. As soon as I get some more unbleached cotton, I'm going to put up a tutorial, yay!

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AmyBeth said...

Those are cool...but are they simple enough that I could make them? LOL