Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick and the Baroness

The corned beef and cabbage is in the crockpot, the Irish soda bread is cooling on the stove, and the green jello is becoming a united gelatinous form in the fridge. We are all clad in green and pinching each other anyways, it must be St. Patricks day! I managed to finish my new green beret in time too, YaY! It's the Baroness Beret from Ravelry, I love this pattern. This was my first time knitting a lace pattern and while it was much harder and took lots of concentration, the results were well worth it (at least I think so).

Hope everyones having a great St.Patty's Day!

Post Publish: I wanted to add a nice detail shot of the Baroness Beret. I stretched it over a dinner plate which also how I blocked it.

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Anonymous said...

soooooooooooo pretty!!!! I bet one in white for snowy winter days would be pretty too! you could alwas ad a bit of color to make it spark too! :)