Friday, December 4, 2009

Crafty Time

Today after we finished up some schoolwork and put some brownies in the oven, we embarked on a crafty adventure, one where we all had a great time. A sheet was laid on the table and we set off to have a great time. I made something I have been super excited about ever since I saw it on this blog. I had some vintage bulbs that had been my grandparents that I had been saving, just waiting to put them to good use. I didn't have quite enough so I thought this project just wasn't going to happen, when earlier this week I popped into my favorite thrift shop and they had DOZENS of vintage glass bulbs. I paid $2.50 for the ones I brought home. Next it was off to the craft store where I got a foam wreath and a package of mini glue stick (I use all but one of them!). So it total, this project cost $16.
Here we are working away, my project ended up taking much longer than theirs so they went into the living room to watch Sleeping Beauty. Phoebe kept coming in to check on me though. I ended up breaking only 4 bulbs and with 1 bleeding finger. After all the bulbs were glued on I broke up pieces of an old dollar store garland to fill in the cracks.

The girls glittered, jeweled and tissue papered some construction paper tree. Easy peasy when you already have a huge bag of cut up tissue paper.


Pink & Green Mama said...

So pretty!! That's the way I wanted our wreath to look this year but it didn't happen, instead I used a green wreath we had in the attic and attached (with floral wire) a bunch of cheap-o plastic shiny ornaments I picked up for under $10. It's shiny and festive but I love the look of the vintage ornaments with the silver tinsel!! Great job it's gorgeous : )

BellaPepper said...

Thanks P and G mama! I think it is just so awesome to use the things you already have and turn them into something you love. I bet your wreath looks great.

Cindy said...

Oh its adorable! Nicely done. Thanks for letting me know so I could check yours out too:)