Monday, November 17, 2008

Last Weeks Goodies

This past week did not end up being the craft catch up I needed and had hoped for (sigh). It was a good week, a productive week, but still a lot of my projects lay unfinished yet not forgotten. These are things I completed the week before. This cape, this simple thing proved to be very difficult indeed seeing as I broke 2 machines trying to make it! I'm taking my old Singer to the shop this week, but in the mean time I have the new (very basic) one my mom bought me. The other one that broke was the POC Brother that I had learned to sew on.

With all the mishaps it's not a perfect cape, but at least the girl can fly with it.
These are some emotional beanbags I made for the swap. They were a special request and I had the felt to make them so here they are. Not an original idea or anything, but fun to create. I also made this bag to go with them using the same pattern (with a few modifications of course) as my doll diaper bag.
Now for non-crafty news, check out the gorgeous hand blown glass pumpkin I scored at our church auction yesterday for $20!!!!

I'm so in love with this. We also ended up with a entire home carpet steam cleaning gift certificate for just $40, yippee!!! So all in all, we are ahead financially from this weekend, if not by crafts.

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