Thursday, May 21, 2009


This has been a crazy busy week. So much running around and really not much to show for it. Well, tonight was a lot of the same fun as well. We spent all evening after M got home from work at our local E.R. to get a piece of glass removed from P's foot. She was so awesome though, barely even cried and you could tell the big numbing needle really hurt. I'm so proud of that brave little girl!

I do have one positive crafty thing to show for my week and I will be back with that soon. I've been trying to work on making my living room and kitchen more functional so it's something in that direction. That's the thing with living in small places you have to be ever evolving, finding new ways to organize so that your life and home can be as comfortable as possible


Julie said...

How brave! I got a piece of glass in my foot the day we came home from our honeymoon.I moved around so badly as the doctor tried to put the needle in that he had to threaten to send me home with the glass still in there before I would suck it up and lay still.

Jessica said...

I'm in the same boat of making small spaces more comfortable and's a challenge, but I enjoy it, too!