Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pretty Little Things

Today was a good day. Such a good day in fact that I almost have a hard time believing that tomorrow is in fact Mother's Day. I got to do two of my favorite things sewing and shopping and I even won a gift certificate from a local craft store! Good times. I love those gentle reminders from God that he does love us and want us to have joy in our lives, it truly lifts my spirits.

Upon waking this morning I immediately went to my craft closet (before even going downstairs) and riffeled through it looking for a few fun things to make. I remembered that I had been wanting to make a brooch from an old belt buckle I found in a button bin. Such a simle project so I knew that that was going to be one of my projects for the day. I just broke off the back piece and hot glued a pin backing on and I wore it around all day. I wish I could find enough belt buckles to make a whole bag full of these babies!

While riffled I also came across an old pair of curtains which really fit the bill for the pillow I have be working on. My mom always taught me to save all my linens even if they don't match your current decor and I have found this to be such good advice. Years go by, things change and sometimes they end up being just what you were looking for (even if not for there intended purposes).

The rest of my day was spent on an outing with my mom, 2 of my sisters and my girls. We shopped and went out to ice cream and just had a really good time together. My mom is a self professed shopaholic and is such a fun person to go on these outtings with. We talk, eat, and find that in some cases we do actually have similar tastes.

Happy Mother's day everyone!

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melissa said...

Glad you guys had such a great Mother's Day!