Friday, May 29, 2009


This weekend I stopped by my favorite road side fruit stand that sells the most mouth watering strawberries. My excitement went up several notches when I noticed they had blackberries too! Oh how wonderful it is to live in California were I can make blackberry cobble at the end of May, gotta love it.

I got out all my favorite cookbooks, and then some less favorites, and then I used my google bar but I was still not liking any of the recipes I found, most of them taking hours and ingredients I didn't have. I'm also not a big fan of precooking my fruit filling, I like the natural taste of the berries and not anything that has been boiled in cornstarch and sugar you know? Picky picky...

I then gave up on my cook books and called my mother. My mom is not one to spend a lot of time in the kitchen out of enjoyment, it's all about a quick end product with minimal dishes and annoyance. I was thinking that was the way I wanted to go with this recipe. I remember as a child coming in all sticky and covered in purple juices with a bowl of fat blackberries from the backyard and asking her to please make us a cobbler, and she always obliged. Here's how the phone call went:

Me: Mom, do you have that cobbler recipe you always used to make?
Mom: Oh I used the cup-of recipe
Me: huh?
Mom: You know a cup of flour, cup of sugar, cup of milk, cup of berries
Me: Only a cup of fruit?
Mom: Well, you can double that
Me: Oh, well didn't you add any butter
Mom: Oh honey I always add butter to everything, just a bit on top....OH and I like to add cinnamon and sugar on top too
Me: I think I will try it with honey and half the milk, that's the rule right?
Mom: There's a rule? I always just did a straight sub, huh????
Me: Hah, OK thanks mom
Mom: Oh, and a bit of baking soda helps it puff up a bit
Me: Baking soda or baking powder? I think you mean powder. Whatever, I will just double the whole recipe for a 9X13 and add a tsp of baking powder. Temperature? Time?
Mom: Oh 350 and about 45 minutes tell it's brown and bubbly, I think...
Me: I'll check after 30 thanks mom
Mom: Don't forget to butter the pan!
If you can glean a recipe off that too, you might come out with something like this....


STEPHANIE. said...

yum! I am eating blackberries as we speak....funny.:)

Anonymous said...

love your blog! I'm one of the Mom's from the WW board.. I hope you join us. yummmmm blackberry cobbler... mmm Susan

Lisa said...

Oy, that's quite a recipe...double a half a cup of something or other. lol.
Your mom must be a good cook like mine. My mom just improvises everything.I need directions like you'd give a small child. And pictures.I'm a terrible cook.
Looks yummy.