Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Spring

Wow, that month sure did blur past me. My camera broke at the beginning of the month and I never did get around to posting even a recipe! My life has been consumed lately with many of the changes that one would expect in the new year or in spring, but I'll take mine when I can get it. You see I have been having some health issues that until last month were undiagnosed and causing me a great deal of distress. Finally after dozens of test and appointments I finally got my answers and I am very pleased to say they are completely treatable! With the help of supplements, diet changes and only 1 medication I am feeling like my life has started again.

I have been challenging myself in many ways with my diet, my activity level, my happiness and my creativity. Thinking of the things I want from this life and enjoying myself and what God has given me. While we are still hoping to buy a home in the near future I have been focusing my energy on contentment and the joys of my family. Earlier this year you may remember that I planted a garden, what I may not have said was that it was at my mothers and well they didn't follow through much with the watering. SO, lesson learned and instead of giving up we started a container garden on our deck! I went to the nursery and picked up some seedling and set to work. Here is what we have so far and I hope it will go much farther.

We hope to start a lettuce bed and a vermicompost (worm compsting) up as well and just see where we go from there.

We have some blood oranges coming up.

And here are some strawberries

Oh and in other super awesome peachy fantastic news the blanket is done! I may be two One A Month Challenges behind, but I can catch up because it's the freakin' blanket is done!!

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