Monday, July 27, 2009

Pie Makes Everything Better

I don't know how you feel about pie, but for me it seems to be a sort of cure all. I'm not talking about sitting down to eat a nice warm piece of pie and finding heavenly bliss I think it's much more then that for me. It seems that whenever I find myself upset, stressed, or in a funk that I seem to find myself in the kitchen baking a pie. Now I know this probably sounds quite ludicrous, to leave the house in chaos, unplug the phone and bake a frickin' pie, but it works. With all the crap that can go on in this life, all the things that can go wrong, tear you down and leave you dry, sometimes something as perfect as pie can just seem to wash that all away. Maybe it's the rhythmic rolling of the dough, the gently way you have to handle the crust, or just the sugar I don't know. With uneven crusts, gooey overflowing insides, and slightly crisp edges it has such beauty in the imperfectness.

And really how can any day be truly horrible when there is pie involved?

Latest hat for One A Month had me changing thing up a bit. I decided to knit this one for a chemo patient instead of the homeless. This was a much funner knit!
P.S. This post sounds WAY to perfect, pie and charity knits, come on! But honestly I was horribly PMS this week and didn't do much else besides knit and eat deserts ;)

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