Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It's all about connections isn't it? Like when you meet a family with fruit trees you know there are good times to come. This Sunday they were gracious enough to freely share there blessings with us. Micah climbed right up and got me a sack full of ripe plums.

I had my sister come over who was nearly jumping up and down at the thought of making jam with me. She was such a good stirrer.

Placing the filled jars into the canner is the funnest part for me (well, next to taking them out).

We made 10 cups of organic plum jam in just about 2 hours. On the list of worthwhile homesteading activities I am definitely putting this one up there in the well worth it category. You see I spent about $3 on pectin, sugar and a few cents spent on electricity and the other supplies needed I already had on hand. I then produced about $20 worth of jam in less then 2 hours.

Sorry, hope my nerdy calculations don't bother you I just really love saving money!

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melissa said...

Nice! I love picking fruit, but always just freeze it or do a cobbler-never done anything cool like jam!