Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Knitting

After the monstrous orange baby blanket I really wasn't feeling the knitting love. It took me WEEKS to finish those last few inches and I really lost the meditative release that knitting usually offers me. I had to really work to get that back with my new One a Month hat. It took me a week to knit the first inch and I was not "feeling the love". I then stopped and reminded myself that this was supposed to be fun and I really needed to allow myself some time just to knit and enjoy it, to really get in the grove. So I did just that and threw in a movie for good measure and wah-la it's finished just two days later.

When I'm not catching up on charity knits I have big exciting plans. I am starting my first sweater! I know, I know the excitement is palpable...but since very few read this blog, I can be as excited as I want! Woohoo!!!!!!

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