Saturday, January 17, 2009

One A Month Challenge

Throughout the year time ticks by, daily schedules and routines take up the majority of our time and the rest is spent of either trying to catch up or trying desperately to get some "peace". I know that this is how I feel. Like life is one big rolling ball that sometimes I don't take the time to just watch it move; to meditate on the world around me and what I will be leaving behind. What have I taught me children about giving? About caring for others and how they should live in this world? Is what I find myself thinking a lot.

This year I have challenged myself to take time our to meditate on these things. To show my daughters through the work in my hands how much we can do in this life, if we only slow down and try. I know that this may seem like a lot for one little thing a month to do, but I believe it can. So often I will be sitting with my knitting needles, fabric, etc. and L will ask me "who's that for?" "when do they get it?" and that many times I will get to say that it is for someone who needs it more then we do, someone without a home. It is a lesson that she is learning well, through repetition little ones are taught so why not repeat kindness?
So this year I have challenged myself to knit one warm item per month for the homeless shelter. By December I will have my daughter help me bring all 12 of them to the shelter and with this little effort I hope to make a big impression on her little heart. Anybody else want to join me????


knitsational said...

That is such a great idea! I have been wanting to"give back" through my knitting.

Nicole said...

How wonderful! I've made a similar resolution for this year - some kind of charitable donation each month. Once I follow up with my other resolution of learning to knit I'll definately be knitting items to donate as well.