Friday, January 23, 2009

Cake and Crafts

This week didn't go quite as planned, in fact it is by Gods grace alone that I am still sane. Instead of delving into some Valentine's crafts that I was looking forward to I spent my time searching for a new car and trying to entertain some seriously stir crazy girls. Fortunately, it did have some bright spots like when I made the apple cake from a friend to knit withYou'll notice that mine doesn't look quite as nice as hers, but that is what happens when you have to use bread flour instead of all purpose, it puffs up like a marshmallow. You can thank P for this, seeing as she dumped an entire bottle of garlic and herb into my baking flour, which was only annoying until I made parmesan and garlic biscuits, yum!

I also managed to take some time to do a few art projects with the girls

We painted Valentine pictures for M's office,

Made some pretty necklaces,

and I made a button barrette for each of the girls.

Even with all the gunk I had to wade through this week I am still in somewhat good spirits and very much looking forward to this weekend. I get to spend my Saturday learning how to knit felted clogs! Well, at least the first part in a three part class. I will also be doing some fun shopping for a swap on MDC and some not so fun shopping for a new car, but hey maybe I'll luck out and find something I love. Gotta stay positive or they'll eat me alive!

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