Monday, January 26, 2009

Stitch and B*tch

On Friday I was forced to sit for most of the day, due to my knee going out (ouch!). To stave off my boredom I started (and finished) my first embroidery project that I got from Sublime Stitching which I loved! They have such awesome designs, I already have 3 more patterns that I just HAVE to buy.

Here's a close up for you, not to bad for my first embroidery and I definitely learned a lot!

I would have had a wonderful weekend if it wasn't for my knee injury and the fact that I had to do online car shopping. Oh how I loathe car shopping! So much money wasted on something that could just crap out at a moments notice. Can you tell I'm mad at my old car? Well, I am. Only 2 years since we bought it and it needs a new engine.

I am also not feeling the love for my knee right now, it hurts to walk, let alone dance. So, it looks like M and I will have to postpone the dancing class for another semester, so bummed!

Amazingly enough the other parts of my weekend were great! I got to go to my clog knitting class (and no that doesn't me we knitted and clogged at the same time which is what popped into mind as I typed that) which was a lot of fun. I'm learning a lot and am so glad I took the class 'cause I am WAY out of my league! Then M's parents came up and watched the girls and treated M and I to a play. It was so much fun! If only we hadn't discussed our opinions on what kind of car to buy first, total mood buster!

Oh, and I almost forgot (literally was about to push "publish post") I wanted to point everyone (all 5 of you that read my blog) over to knitsational who is having a blog giveaway this week ;)


Anonymous said...

Ok, cutest kitchen towel EVER!!!! That would be a great craft for next time you come up or I come down!!!! any thoughts?
Have a great day :)

Nicole said...

Aww - sorry about your knee - what a bummer.

Love the towel. You did a fantastic job and the pattern is super cute.

I hear you on the car shopping. I loathe it with the fire of a thousand suns.