Friday, January 16, 2009

Much To Do, Not Much To Say

Could it be, something else for me? Why of course! I have been working on this scarf for over a month and just got it finished the other day. I just found it so boring that I just couldn't bring myself to finish the last 8 inches. Finally done now and I wonder if it will ever get worn, I'm not feelin' the love. Eh, whatever at least the yarn was on sale.

These are the legwarmers I have been working on for P, I hate them, but I think I will keep going. I bought some cheap acrylic yarn, because I wanted something self striping and super bright, but I'm not enjoying them. They look to big too. Hmmm....if I could afford more yarn right now I would just frog them and start over. I'm dreaming of them 4 stitches smaller in pink Portland Tweed......
Coming up tomorrow; something not for me :D

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