Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Handmade Christmas

I am ready and willing to sound like a total child when I talk about how AWESOME our Christmas was, possibly the best ever! Who knew handmade could be so fun? So much time and effort was put in to the making, swapping, and the few things we did buy were truly loved and appreciated. We did extra work and bartering, and I weaseled a bit out of my allotted "grocery" and "household" budgets to pay for Christmas and it was far beyond what I could have purchased with a Walmart credit card.

It started off with the girls sleeping like logs and M and I tossing and turning all night from excitement. We were then awoken by load claps of thunder and flashes of light right above our house, so yeah we were up at 7am and the girls slept in until almost 8. Anyways, when they did come down they were fun and pleasant. They loved there gifts and were truly grateful (I know totally unexpected huh?)

Here they are twirling around in the tutu's M made for them. The crown is from a local handmade business.

When P opened up her cape, we immediately put it on her and she ran all around the house making it fly.
L was quite the princess with her "Angelina Ballerina Wand" which is just what she asked Santa for.
P loved her stocking from Santa although the favorites were this camera from an MDC swap and the candy.
M has been enjoying the hat and fingerless gloves I knit him, he has actually worn them every day since!
After the gift giving we had a wonderful snugly time
with chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and a lot of lounging around enjoying the day.
Then we headed down to see M's parents were I was gifted with the most awesome gift, a new sewing machine! Oh, how I needed and wanted this, but gosh wouldn't have even thought to ask for it, it's just to much! M got me wonderful thoughtful gifts as well, I couldn't have shopped better for myself. In all I got 5 cookbooks this year, can't wait to get to using them all. He and L made me a journal too, I can't wait to put up picks of this.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your holiday went so well! Awesome possum!