Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Birthday!

You know what you get when you combine Christmas, New Years and my birthday in 2 weeks? One very relaxed crafty girl with very little done! I have been relaxing, knitting, reading, eating, and catching up on zzz's and my list of accomplishment to share with you is practically zilch.

My birthday was on Thursday and I had a nice low key day, I stayed at home with the girls, didn't clean a thing, and made a mess in the kitchen which produced a lovely blackberry pie. Then we went to my folk's house and had dinner and I was showered with a few much loved surprises. On Saturday I used my gift certificate(thanks mom and dad!) and went down to the local knitting shop t0 take a lesson on cable knitting. Check out what I made: Finally a hat for my cold little head! I'm really wishing I would have made it olive green, so I may have to get started on a second one. I have fallen in love with cable knitting and can't wait to do more of it. This hat was so much fun, I finished in less than 2 days!
While I was off knitting, my wonderful hubby was busy giving me my big birthday gift, what every women dreams of.........a clean house! He scrubbed the bathrooms, the windows, the kitchen, the walls and mopped the floors. My house is all bright and shiny especially with my big bouquet of Gerber daisies (my favorite). What a sweetie!

Oh and check out the awesome locally made necklace M had the girls get me.

And it's reversible too. I saw this at a craft fair and I guess M swooped back behind me and snatched it up. The girl also had an etsy shop, but I can't seem to find it, hopefully I will come across her card and update.
While I was taking pics of my birthday goodies I went ahead and got one of the journal M and L made for me for Christmas. Spoilt? I think so.


melissa said...

Glad your birthday went so well! Soon you'll be knitting cool sweaters!

Nicole said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!