Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Chairs

Last month Micah and I stopped by a yard sale on our way home. I haven't been hunting these down to much lately, but when one is laid right in your path what can I do but stop? Immediately upon arriving I spotted two wooden dining room chairs in really sorry shape. I walked up to them and noticed how incredibly sturdy they were and how pretty the shape was. So for only $5 a piece I nabbed them.

My husband growled in annoyance as he dragged them to the car vowing that he would NOT be helping with this "project". I ignored his disgruntled behaviour already fabric shopping in my mind. The next time I was at JoAnns I looked and looked for the perfect fabric until I spotted it on my second trip into the home decor section. After a quick price check (on sale for under $7 a yard) I went beaming up the counter. Quite serendipitous don't you agree?
So here they are, with the help of my guns, staple and glue and the mighty brawn of my husband (he wields the staple gun so well).

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Glad to hear that you're feeling better too. :)