Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dot Paints

Swimming lessons are over, gymnastics are over, and we are between camping trips right now. The weather has really started to heat up and we have been spending more time indoors then originally planned. Our art supplies are dwindling and I really need to start thinking about my order to the discount school supply this fall. Then I remember that I still had something that I had never used, my dot paint bottles!

The girls went to town and made a much bigger mess then they usually do with things, well it's was just P really. One of the reason why I love dot paints so much is because of the lack of mess, but really Wild Thing can make a mess out of anything!

I just love how there personalities shine through already in there work. P is wild and beautiful and very interesting.

L is drawn to beautiful things and loves learning new things.

I would love to hear some other easy summer craft ideas, especially those will small cleanups!

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