Friday, October 17, 2008

My Princess

As promised here is L in her birthday garb. She really loved the cape and crown (mostly the crown though). She also got a little bit of cash and she went to a couple second hand stores and got some treasures too, like the Cinderella dress (which is handmade and AWESOME) that she's wearing in the picture below and a Cinderella doll.

Here she is on her birthday after the pumpkin patch, after her bath, and yummy enchilada dinner eating her chocolate cake (which M and I made the night before).
She got a couple of other things like a fairy in a felted necklace pouch from vermontfairies (look look I did it! I actually made a cool linky thingy) and a cool handmade oilcloth lunch sack. I so loving giving handmade gifts! She also go some "clicky shoes", books and other items fit for a princess. All in all I'm really happy with what she got for her birthday, stuff she will really use, we have room for, and not too much of it. Perfect.

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