Thursday, October 16, 2008

Me Love Swapping!

Some wonderful news, M fixed my camera! It's not the best camera, but it takes MUCH better pictures then my spare. So back to blogging I go, yay! What better way to start off your morning then with yummy homemade biscotti?

Shamefully that was my breakfast, not really great for weight loss, but hey at least it was made with half whole wheat right? This was actually my first time making biscotti and it wasn't that hard at all. The recipe is from my betty crocker cookbook and it is banana chocolate biscotti. No, I'm not obsessed with bananas and chocolate together, I just hate throwing away food, so I'm always trying new ways to use up my brown bananas.

On the swapping front, I shipped out several packages this week including this sweet doll diaper bag set for a mom on MDC.
This is one of the swap packages I got in return
A nice big knittin needle holder.
Here is it all rolled up, I'm so loving the colors!
And my totally cute new diaper bag. I wish I could have shown the print better, it so cute. It's huge and has lots of wonderful pockets. Most of my swaps have been for Christmas, but these two things I got for myself.
As for my wild thing, I think she may be even wilder then before. During this posts production which took about 15 minutes she managed to pull the chair to the counter twice, pull her sisters hair three time, and drag the outside broom inside three time, which would have been more, but I threw it over the fence, I think I should be getting that now, before it's run over huh?

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Anonymous said...

I like the things you make, the biscotti looks yummy, and your kids are seriously cute!!!!!!!!