Friday, October 31, 2008

Sweet, Not Spooky

Last night M and I stayed up late making carmel apples for our church's Halloween Festival. We made these the silly way where you melt carmels and add a couple other ingredients. I feel as though this is cheating, but we didn't have a candy thermometer and the carmels at Winco were super cheap. Who would have thought it takes such a long time for carmel to melt? I imagined it to be like melting chocolate, but in reality it took a LOT longer.

I want to introduce to you the cute little elves that have come to join our home. They are currently hiding out in my bedroom awaiting there grand debut on Christmas morning at the top of my girls' stockings. Oh course I had to show them around the room a bit, so that they could get used to their new digs, they thought M's drum set was a good place for a photo op. They came from a lovely MDC mom in our recent craft swap, thanks El!
When doing the Elf/Apple photo shoot I notice that M took the liberty of having a photo shoot of his own when I was sleeping in this morning. This just shows how awesome of a dad he is. He also gets a wonderful husband points because he has L wearing the hat I finished up this week, so I don't have to take the time to photograph that.

Happy Halloween everybody!!

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mrmonkeysuit said...

the apples look so yummy and i say cheating is perfectly acceptable when it comes to making large batches of things:)