Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Lucky Girl

This weekend I felt like a very lucky girl. I got to do some of my favorite things in abundance. First off I got to do some baking, lots of baking! I made six loafs of this freakin' delicious pumpkin bread. I can't take credit for the recipe though it is out of Bishops Pumpkin Farm Cookbook, man I love that place!

Three of the loaves were supposed to be for pastor appreciation month at church, but alas P was sick so we stayed home and ate one. We took a couple to my moms, and we still have one left. I also made some rocky road fudge for my brother's birthday, but I forgot to take a picture of that before I gave it to him. I am so over giving "stuff" as gifts, I think my new "thing" is going to be bring home baked goodness to people on special occasions.

On Saturday we went to a cute little root beer shop where they sell all sorts of cool bottled sodas. I noticed that they had bottle openers on the wall with a huge Plexiglas bin type thing filled with bottle caps. So of course I had to go ask them if they sell them and they replied that I may have as many as I'd like. So I made M reach in and get me several handfuls, lucky me.

Here are some of my favs. I'm not exactly sure what I'm planning to make from them, although I do have some funky earrings in mind. Anyone have any suggestions?
That evening we took the girls' to a Halloween party. Aren't they cute?
P wasn't feeling to well, because of her cold, but she did at least try to amuse us....


melissa said...

Sounds like you've been having fun! So was the pumpkin bread recipe amazing? I'd love to see the recipe--how is it different than other ones?

Oh, and I finally posted our pumpkin patch pictures on my blog if you want to check them out!

Beth said...

Love the idea of giving homemade baked goods as gifts! The soda caps are a great find! you could use two of them to cover each side of a whistle, make a keychain from them, a brooch, fridge magnets, a cute charm braclet, or cover a pictue frame or even a journal...