Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmasy Goodness

Today has been a wonderfully productive, stay at home and get some crap done kind of day. I have finished two knitting projects (that were practically done, but still on the to-do list), blogged (now twice), baked 5 dozen cookies with L, did laundry and cleaned up my kitchen (which is now and utter disaster). So, since I am in the spirit on getting things done I thought I would go ahead and post these ornaments I made last week.

They are made using khaki pants from the thrift store, vintage buttons, Ecospun felt, ribbon from my stash, and cookie cutters for templates. My original idea was to make them look like sugar cookies, with pastel felt frosting and bead sprinkles, but then I thought these up when I was going to sleep one night and just had to get up the next day and make them.

Here are my sweeties frosting away, P mostly just licking the frosting off of everything she could get her hands on. We usually just use white frosting due to L's red dye sensitivity, but this year we purchase these and these and had a blast.
Left on the agenda tonight is 3 batches of fudge and ack more cleaning.

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