Monday, December 8, 2008

I Love Knitting

The other day I was frantically looking for my spare #7 double pointed needle when I realized just how much I love knitting. When there is something I truly enjoy doing, I tend to ration my time with it. Like saying only in the car and on outings and only on certain days, which is what I also have to do with reading. Otherwise it's all I will do, I will devour a novel or knitting project in just a few sittings. So, back to the other day, I was frantically searching thinking "it's just been a really stressful day, I really need to knit a few rows, just few rows and then I will stop". Of course you can guess that I succumbed to the temptation and finished the whole darn thing (hey, at least it was just a small project). This is what I was working on:

Some fingerless gloves that my Mummy requested from Christmas. I made them in her favorite color and I truly hope that she loves them. They are almost done, just about 20 minutes on them tonight and the pair will be complete.

I believe everyone should have a truly loved hobby, something that you could practically get a bumpersticker for. Something that takes your mind off the problems at hand and gives you that simple pleasure of accomplishment. What ever your crafty hobby is, I hope there is much endulgence this holiday season. It is so wonderful to share hand crafts this time of year.

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