Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

All the holidays seem to spilling into each other this year, not ready for one to end and then boom there's another. Barely enough time to deck the halls and craft it up. Yesterday it hit me, it's time to decorate for Christmas NOW! Not wanting to miss another moment I devoted my entire day to whipping up stockings for the whole family. We plan to do the rest of the decorating tomorrow when M is home to help. These took about 6-7 hours including drafting my own pattern. I tried a pattern the day before, and frankly it sucked and I threw the stocking in the scraps pile. So after a few choice words these cuties were born.

Mine is on the left and M's is to the right.
P's is to the left and of course the one on the right is L's she just loved this fabric. I love the little girl hiding on the toe of L's such a perfect little detail.
They are all fully line with unbleached cotton, no yucky raw seams.

So that the adorable fabrics can be fully appreciated, here are some closeups. M's and L's are my favorites. M's uses my favorite fabrics, so loving those Christmas trees and who doesn't LOVE candy cane stripes?
I love L's because A. It's adorable and B. Because she absolutely squeeled when she saw it. She was so sweet beaming from ear to ear.
The rest of Christmas is on it's way, I'm nearly done with my last Christmas gift, the cards arrived in the mail yesterday, and we will be decorating this weekend. Oh, I'm just so excited!


Anonymous said...

Hey girlie! They turned out great! Hope your weekend is full of nothing but holiday cheer.
Talk to you soon.

Nicole said...

Those are adorable! I've been wanting to make new stockings for my family for years and have never gotten around to it. I'm so jealous!