Saturday, April 4, 2009


Trivets, yes I'm making trivets. So simple, so functional and totally fun to make. Using some left over cording I made this up in less then an hour. I just used the basic coiled cording method for this tutorial again. I have already made two and I'm really feeling as though these would make good Christmas gifts, no?
Things have been a bit hairy around here, Spring time is in full swing around here and I'm not talking about the new flowers and fluffy baby chicks. I'm talking about sneezy, rashy, asthma ridden children keeping me on my toes all day. I've also been recovering from attack of the Corned Beef. Did you know that stuff is filled with Nitrites, preservatives and all sorts of nasty stuff? Well, I didn't and I got very sick for over a week, feeling better this week, but my house is a mess. I should really be mopping the floors right now, which I think I will go do. More crafty goodness to come next week.

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