Thursday, April 9, 2009

One A Month Update

The last time I posted about this was way back in January and I have been quietly working on them one by one, just forgot to post about it. For anyone who doesn't know, the One A Month Challenge is about making one thing every month for a charity bringing awareness to our children and hopefully ourselves. This is just a personal challenge I've given myself this year to teach my children about giving and I'm knitting hats for the homeless.

Acrylic yarn is really not my favorite thing to knit with, but with these babies durability is key. The hats are a bit stiff, but I knit them on smaller needles then usual so they would be nice and tight, and therefore very warm.
In non-hat related news my Easter Baskets made it on to Whip up! You can see the post here. Just want to say hi to any crafter's that may have made there way over to my little space from the post.....hi :)

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Julie said...

Hi Sarah
You have probably aleady given it to me but I seem to have lost your address in the changover (new shop-new bog-newemail address). Can I get that one more time, so I can send you your Pay It Forward goodies? Send it to my new email address

Btw, I'll have the crown pattern up later today.