Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Christmas Presents

On Tuesday night I got inspired to start making another one of Ls Christmas presents. I made her a diaper bag and 2 matching diaper and bib sets. I drafted my own pattern for both, which I hope to share with you as soon as I get the time. I do apologize for the busy background, I had to sneak upstairs to photo these.

You can't tell, but there are very light classic Winnie The Pooh characters on this fabric.
The bag was a little harder, but only because I'm stubborn and really wanted to use this adorable stretch jersey fabric. Really not smart to pair it with denim, but what can I say, the cute factor out weighted practicality. Also, this picture was taken before I got the chance to iron out the handles.


melissa said...

those are cool! I haven't bought any Christmas presents yet, but I'm at least thinking about it ;). That's neat that you're getting this stuff done so early!

Michelle said...

I'm thinking of getting my husband the Roger Moore autobiography in the Waterstones sale for Christmas. He loves reading and he has always said that Roger Moore was his favourite bond so I hope he likes this.