Friday, September 26, 2008

Wild Thing

Try as I might I haven't been in much of a crafty mood. Yes there has been a little knitting, a little baking, and some repetitive sewing going on, but not much that I'm truly excited to post about (OK maybe one thing, but it's a secret and you can't see it until after Christmas). Why might you ask this is? I have two words for you; Wild Thing.

Yes, Wild Thing. In this photo sporting her clown face paint (we do face paints a lot around here) she may look sweet and innocent. You may say "really how much trouble can a 19 month old get into?" and I will have to say "A LOT". This wild streak in here (which I'm adamant she got from M's side of the family) is what I feel is draining me from my previously overachieving crafty glory.

Could it be her fascination with knifes? Her ability to break baby latches? Her love of climbing everything several times her height? Or maybe the way she manages to unlock 5 foot high gates? No, it certainly can not be any single one of these amazing feats my friends, it is surely all of them and oh so much more.

Pray for me my friends that I may gain the strength I need to deal with this.........Wild Thing!

In other less wild new, here's some felt fruit I made for a side swap on Mothering.
This is from a couple of online tutorials from here and (hey, if anyone knows how to make my links all short and pretty would you mind sending me a comment or an email :D.
Also L and I made some yummy peanut butter cups during Wild Thing (P)'s nap time. I had to sneak in the pretty rose M got me from my mothers garden today, a little piece of everyday romance. The recipe is from here which I found on this great blog


Celine said...

lovely rose! and PB cup too, goes without saying. :)

Beth said...

Nice felt food! If you make an almond shape and sew it between the two orange slices, you will get a 3D orange segment, if that makes sense.

To do a link, when you are composing, highlight the word you want the link to stem from and click on 'hyperlink' then a seperate window will open up for you to write the address in.