Friday, February 27, 2009

Right Now

Leg warmers I made for P, much better when you follow the pattern.
I saw this over on Jessica's blog and I thought it looked pretty cool, I love getting a little window into the thoughts and surroundings of others so I thought I would do one as well.

Right Now, I am:

smelling... fresh apple baking in the oven

feeling... content with my family life going on around me

reading... Multiple Blessings by Jon and Kate Gosselin and Beth Carson (from Jon and Kate plus 8) and the Seeds of Change catalog

enjoying... M's weekend at home

wondering... What to serve at tonight's pray group

hearing... M and L counting pennies

listening... to God's still small voice, telling me to be thankful

drinking... soon to be some apple spice tea M's is brewing

wanting... enough yarn to start on my first sweater project I'm dreaming up

loving... lazy Sunday mornings

looking... at this wonderful project and thinking about how fun it would be to donate a bear

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful lazy sunday morning!

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