Sunday, February 8, 2009

Whipin' Up

Today I got to get on the sewing machine and managed to whip up this skirt for L

I made it out of an old sheet, can't you tell from the nice hem?

She of course was thrilled and had to wear it right then. M was thrilled because it was nice and long which is something he is always complaining about with little girls clothing. You wouldn't think that a man with an eyebrow ring would be modest would you?
As my clog project winds to a close I went ahead and started my next big one which is definitely something that won't just be whipped up in a day. I working on an embroidery sampler for my brothers wedding in May. Here the beginning

There's a bit more not shown in the hoop, I plan to put there names and wedding date above the doves. The pattern is downloadable over at Pimp Stitch it is another design from
Sublime Stitching that they have there for free.
Oh yeah and in other news, we got a car! Yay, no more being stranded at home with crazy girlies. We ended up getting a minivan which I love. I know, I know we only have two kids BUT I have 7 siblings whom I drive around. The "green" things about the minivan are that it is Ethanol capable and it shows us how many mpg we are getting at all times and has really helped me improve on my driving. The mpg is good for a minivan 22mpg average which is almost the same as my old Subaru.
I loved the nice comments on my slouchy hat, glad to see I'm not the only one with the slouchy hat love. I've been wearing the thing so much I sure I will be making another one soon. Could you ever have guessed that I'm not really a hat person? I always felt so silly in them, but once I started knitting them myself I realized I'm just very persnickity about them and I'm ok with that.

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melissa said...

Nice skirt, and so glad to hear you guys bought a van!