Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Those Winter Days

You know those yucky winter days where at least half the family is sick, the rain (or snow) is coming down hard, and every ones a bit stir crazy? Well, that's what we have been having for several days now. This virus that I have has commandeered my body and pretty much left me as a hump on the couch. Thank God M was able to stay home and parent 'cause I wouldn't have been a very good one! The girls did do some things to make the time pass more swiftly. I give you the poor mans bounce house:

Pop up playhouse from P's birthday last year + all the pillows from our couch = hours of FREE entertainment!

Since M was on duty and I couldn't just look at the ceiling all day I decided to put my hands to work and I am really surprised with all they accomplished while I was laid up. The embroidery I showed you last week is nearly finished and I made these legwarmers for my nieces birthday.

These are made from KnitPicks Comfy in Flamingo and Cashew it took awhile to get here, but I was really impressed with the quality, it's SO soft. The pattern is from Never Not Knitting. I am about 75% done with a second pair as well, which I am planning to give for P's birthday, so that is what I will be working on today. M was a such a great dad this weekend, he took care of all of us without one word of complaint and he even got the laundry caught up for me! Sorry for the brag, I just really thought he should should get some recognition here.

Hope everyone else is finding some entertainment in these dreary winter days.

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