Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Funny Valentine

Micah and I have a Valentines curse. It has followed us for 5 years now, usually striking about every other year. It all started with our first Valentines together when we were dating. M had planned a romantic day trip to Sacramento to go Ice Skating, but instead ended up with us getting lost, fighting, and me sulking the rest of the way home. Fast forward to this Saturday, the plan was to have a nice low key day with little gifts, sweets and a huge feast of a dinner.

It started off innocently enough with the exchanging of gifts (see my gorgeous flowers up there). Well things quickly heated up from there (and not in the good way). Our landlord needed to come by and inspect a leak in our downstairs which is below our bathroom. So, even though I was sick with a nasty head cold and it was Valentines, we still needed to get this done. I'm sure you can guess that this is leading to something and here it is, mold. Mold in the drywall, but thank God it was only where the leak was. I rushed the girls upstairs to get dressed and we quickly fled the house with a diaper bag and the dog. Being asthmatics we can't be to careful.

We called our local relatives and all had some sort of stomach virus, so no way were we going there! The rain was pouring down, my head was pounding and we were homeless for a day. We drove around, shopped aimlessly and finally landed at my moms for dinner to brave whatever her baby had (which turned out to be a virus and she was just puking from the snot). We cuddled up, watched a movie and eventually went home to our house that had been cleaned up and had double air purifiers going the whole day.

Still throughout all this our cool was kept. It's truly amazing how much parenthood changes you, we laugh in the face of peril and spray air deodorizer when life just plain stinks! Long live the Valentines day curse!

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