Tuesday, August 5, 2008

$1 for Breakfast

I'll pay for breakfast if it's only a dollar....

Man, these were so much fun! I cut out everything except the cash freehand and it turned out great. I now have a bag with 3 eggs, 4 Bacon's, and 3 more pancakes left to hand sew and that is totally exciting to me. I find hand sewing very therapeutic, and we have a long car ride coming up when we go camping. The play food is for the girls' Christmas stocking and the cash is for the cash register of course.

I spent the day cleaning the kitchen and then baking bread and homemade pizza and you know what I got for it? I super messy kitchen, that's what. I truly hate dishes and how am I supposed to have the great zucchini bread bake-off with such a mess in the kitchen? If I make wonderful homemade bread and dinner from scratch is it to much to ask that it magically cleaned by elves by the time I wake up? I think not.

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