Sunday, August 3, 2008

Make New from the Old

It was yard sale weekend for the Bella Pepper family, it was hard, dirty, and time consuming but we made it through. We made enough money to pay for most of our camping trip near the end of August(yay!). We had a lot of my moms stuff in the sale as well, so I manage to fish out some old denim skirts and dresses to re-purpose for other crafty things.

So my relax time after all that craziness was spent making some cool new things:
These are some coins that I made out of an old pair of my fathers jeans. I still have a few more to make(ran out of black thread) and they will go inside the wooden cash register we are getting L for Christmas. Yes, I did say Christmas.
I made this purse today out of an old denim dress and a scrap of fabric from my stash. It's not quite finished yet, it needs a butt0n and I plan to make a denim rose to go on it as well. This is going to be for my moms birthday which is only 2 weeks away.
This purse is smaller then the last and for a friend of mine. It's made out of an old dress and a denim skirt.

I've just started to get into making things out of old clothing, but I have to say that it was very fun and challenging. I love that I was able make some wonderful new presents for people I love out of practically free material. I can see a lot more of this in my future. I need to go scour the thrift stores looking for old wool sweaters so that I can felt them and make play food from them (If anyone has some of these let me know!). I joined a play food swap on Mothering so I've really got to get to work on that!


mrmonkeysuit said...

That is such a cute bag but it is the coins that have me oooing and ahhhing. My kids have just got into pretend money and this is such a neat idea. And no there is nothing wrong with making presents for Christmas now....other wise how would you get it all done :)

Melissa said...

Have I got a blog for you!! I have a friend who blogs about all things crafty, and includes all kinds photos of all the stuff she makes--I will get back to you with her blog url!!

Susie said...

Your play money is so clever!