Friday, August 8, 2008

An outting of a different color

The whole Bella Pepper family went on a fun outing last night shopping and to the Farmers Market. We had a blast and stayed out way past the girls bedtime. I wanted to get a few more pictures of the Market, but it was so crowded that it was nearly impossible. All the fruits and veggies had about a dozen people around them and I had to send my hubby in to get us our produce. I did get a lot of good produce, the "Apple Guy" was there, so named for his delicious Organic Gala apples that he sells for ridiculusly cheap. At 3lbs for $2.50 M has promised to make an apple pie for me out of the extra bag we purchased. We also got enough stuff to make loads of fermented salsa. This is P and I smiling for M.
There was a really cool ceramics booth there, where they let the kids make something. Here's L giving it a try. She had a lot of fun, but wasn't to happy with how messy her hands got. The look on her face was priceless when she finished up and looked down at her hands with disgust and little bit of confusion.
M bought me this super cute dress at Target. The only one they had in my size was white, but I just loved the shape of it, so I figured I can dye it myself in a color I really love (I wasn't horribly fond of their color choices any way). So for about $23 (dress) and $4 (dye) I should have a really beautiful piece to add to my wardrobe. It really is much cuter in person the picture doesn't do it justice, neither does the color (or lack thereof)
Here's a close up of the bodice, I just love the pleating and the shape of it. Now all I need to do is pick what color to dye it. I'm not really a pastel kind of girl, I was thinking more of a jewel tone although it's a little scary not doing a test swatch. I'm afraid of going for emerald green and getting a forest green. I would LOVE to make it Sapphire or cobalt, but again I'm scared of ending up with a navy....hmmmm.....what to do......

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