Friday, August 15, 2008


Why is that when one is overwhelmed with things that need doing, it is exactly the things that one can't bring themselves to do? I've been working on those dollars for a swap, like I mentioned before and I am just SO sick of them. I tend to get swept away with ideas and become so excited about them that I forget everything else. I should have been thinking about how much I LOATHE repetitive crafting, how my wrists can't handle to much strain, or how I would like to be enjoying the last bits of summer instead of spending countless hours on tedious works. Whoa as me, if only I could run away. In a way I kind of did run away today (and yesterday) I spent hours that I should have been producing mass amounts of play money, making Ls birthday gifts. Her birthday isn't until October, but what can I say I got inspired. Here is the crown I made her out of felt. It's all cut out and stitched free hand (except the main crown piece. I think I want it a little sturdier though so when she goes to bed tonight I will sew another layer onto the back. L spent the night at her Nana's last night, so I got some lovely alone time with P this morning. We snuggled and played and I got some great pictures of her as we were heading out the door. You can really see her snack bag in action here.

Unfortunetly I must get back to reality and back to my tendious task....

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