Saturday, August 16, 2008

"I am the Champion"

So, last night after 4 hours straight of continues work I finished my tedious task. Twenty denim dollars are now waiting to be shipped out. By the end I was exhausted and a little loopy and may have sung "I am the Champion". Again, if I ever talk about wanting to join another large scale swap and please tell me I'm crazy.

As a reward to myself and to my incredibly patient hubby we will be having a wonderful summery weekend filled with BBQ, swimming and fun. So I'm off now, but I leave you with this adorable picture of polka dot fabric I recently purchase from JoAnn's for a measly $1.99 a yard.

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melissa said...

the mere thought of a craft swap almost gives me a panic attack!!! Call me any time in the future when you feel tempted again :). No crafts for me, I have a van full of school books that I need to have Aaron bring in, and assignments that need to be printed up AND started why am I sitting here reading friends' blogs?!!